William Demant

Lead programmer – Building a cloud based Enterprise Product Definition System (EPDS)
The purpose of the system is to centralize all information regarding product variants (hearing instruments etc.) and then exposing them through a uniform interface to the rest of the organization.

Responsibilities/action are:
● Managing Azure cloud environment, which consists of Azure App Services, Azure SQL Databases, Azure Redis Caches, Azure Traffic Managers, Azure Resource groups and Visual Studio Application Insight instances.
● Analysis and design of the initial systems architecture - including project structure layout.
● Installed internal VSO vNext Build Agent to handle on-premises deployments.
● Managing and setup new builds using Team Foundation Build 2015 (VNext).
● Setup Unit test and in memory Integration and Acceptance tests, which were run as part of every CI build.
● Setup Availability tests in Visual Studio Application Insights using Web Performance Test (webtest) written in Visual Studio 2015.
● Setup logging infrastructure to send telemetry about events, exceptions and traces up into Visual Studio Application Insights.
● Defining Coding standards for the team to follow.
● Doing code reviews to ensure that the delivered code has the correct quality and that knowledge is spread around in the team.
● Used the Interception functionality in Unity, to handle common Crosscutting Concerns like caching and tracing of method calls.
● Doing Performance and Memory profiling of the application to ensure that the application had optimal performance and no memory leaks.

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  • Kundi | William Demant
  • Dagf. | 1/15/2015
  • Slag | Konsulentarbeiði
  • URL | www.demant.com

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