Saxo Bank - Skipan til konto- og klientdata

.NET/C# backend and frontend system developer on enterprise system, which enables institutional clients to perform various task related to managing their clients and accounts.

It further allows transferring of funds internally/externally, retrieving End-of-Day files ad hoc and allows the White Label to request current account data, such as open positions, net exposure, cash balance and current margin required.

Integration with various internal systems using WCF, ASMX Web Services and Microsoft SQL Server. The project partly used Scrum as development practice.

Responsibilities/actions were:
● Design and C# development of existing WinForms and ASMX Web Service.
● Microsoft SQL Server database design and development for persisting cash records.
● Refactor the application to use Dependency Injection (Autofac).
● Design and C# development of WinForms cash withdrawal module using SWIFT/BIC.

Used technologies:
.NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, WinForms, WCF, ASMX Web Services, Autofac (DI), SmartInspect, SOAP, SSL (X.509) Certificates, COM, SWIFT/BIC, TFS 2010

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  • Dagf. | 7/13/2010
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