Saxo Bank - Sjálvavgreiðslu-portalur til partnarar

Lead .NET/C# backend system developer on large integration project using WCF Services.

Responsible for providing all data to a large partner self service website, allowing partners to create accounts, handle cash transfers and setting up users of the trading platform.

Responsibilities/actions were:
● Design and C# development of WCF Services supporting large ASP.NET MVC application.
● Design and C# development of automatic Validation Framework based on the Microsoft Enterprise Library.
● Extracting all business logic out of existing WinForms application and incorporating it into new WCF Service.

Used technologies:
.NET, C#, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Autofac (DI), Unit tests, SmartInspect, Microsoft Enterprise Library, SoapUI 4.5, TFS 2010.

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  • Kundi | Saxo Bank
  • Dagf. | 6/15/2011
  • Slag | Konsulentarbeiði
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