Saxo Bank - On boarding skipan

Senior .NET/C# (ASP.NET) system developer on Saxo Banks On boarding solution.

The solution mainly consists of a very advanced "Form Builder" Sharepoint Web Part, that is used to tailor sign-ups forms, which support all the different sign up processes that exist in Saxo Banks 40+ regional sites.

Responsibilities/actions were:
● Developed custom ASP.NET controls - further using JQuery to extend the client functionality.
● Created advanced phone number validation control, utilizing AJAX and JSON, to deliver a rich client experience. (can be tested here:
● Designed a centralized logging infrastructure using SmartInspect, to consolidate all logs in a centralized place, allowing correlation between logs, generated from different applications - further greatly improving the time to identify and fix bugs. 

● Identified and fixed memory leaks using the .NET Memory Profiler, which greatly improved the applications performance - further saving hardware costs and increasing the applications uptime.
● Used the Interception functionality in Unity, to handle common Crosscutting Concerns like caching, impersonation, logging and transient fault handling.

Used technologies:
.NET, C#, ASP.NET, Sharepoint 2010, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, .NET Memory Profiler, JQuery, AJAX, JSON, Javascript, Unity (DI), MS Unit tests, Rhino Mock, SmartInspect, SpecFlow, Selenium, TFS 2010..

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  • Kundi | Saxo Bank
  • Dagf. | 1/15/2012
  • Slag | Konsulentarbeiði
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