Saxo Bank - Integratión við SDC

Senior .NET/C# backend developer on large integration project to integrate between Saxo Banks trading platform and SDC. The initial migrations included customers, accounts, trades and instruments data.

Exposing Back Office and Front Office functionality through a SSL Encrypted SOAP based WCF service, which will be a part of Saxo Banks White Label offering.

The project was Scrum based - including daily Scrum meetings with offshore team.

Responsibilities/actions were:
● C# development of the service contract.
● Analysis and design of the initial applications architecture - including project structure layout.
● C# development of the customer, account and trade data functionality.
● Exposing data to external partner via SSL Encrypted SOAP based WCF service.
● Profiling SQL queries using the Microsoft SQL Server Profiler.
● Performance testing application using Visual Studio 2013 built in profiling tools.
● Unit testing of application - including running tests together with TFS builds and automatic deployment of application to test environment.
● Ensure that SOAP service complies to the SOAP 1.1 specifications to ensure interoperability, as consumed by a wide range of technologies.
● Guiding offshore testing team, in developing automated tests using SoapUI.
● Delivered a highly flexible application built using Ports and Adapters design principles.

Used technologies:
.NET, C#, XML, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, SQL Server Profiler, WCF, Microsoft Visual Studio 2013, TFS 2013, Continous Delivery (CD), SCRUM, Autofac, SSL (X.509) Certificates, SoapUI 5.0, SmartInspect (logging), Unit Test, Moq, Fluent Validations, Onion Architecture, IIS, Windows Server 2003 - 2012.

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